Màn hình LCD LG UltraWide 35'' 35WN75C (IPS / 4K / Curved / 100 Hz)


  • Thương Hiệu LG

Main Functions

  • 35 inch 21: 9 ultra wide (3440 x 1440)
  • Refresh rate 100Hz (DisplayPort) compatible
  • HDR10 compatible
  • Equipped with various gaming functions
  • Flicker Safe / Blue Light Reduction Mode
  • 7W + 7W MaxxAudio® compatible speaker

35 "Curved UltraWide ™ Monitor

Quality required by professionals


3440 x 1440 ultra wide screen

With an ultra-wide screen that is approximately 133% longer than 2560 x 1440 (QHD), it provides a high-definition, wide and comfortable working space and visual field.


Refresh rate 100Hz

High-speed display suitable for games

Supports a refresh rate of 100Hz, suitable for high-speed games. If the game title corresponds to the resolution, the 21: 9 landscape screen expands the field of view, and you can quickly find enemies in the range that cannot be displayed at 16: 9, which allows you to develop the game favorably. .. It also provides an immersive gaming experience with movie-like game screens.


HDR 10

Make the image clearer

HDR-compatible monitors reproduce bright areas brighter and dark areas darker than conventional LCD displays. With HDR, it is possible to accurately depict the dark and bright areas of a detailed image that was difficult to distinguish by the conventional SDR standard.

Equipped with USB 3.0, high-speed charging is also possible

Effective use of wide display area with OnScreen Control function

OnScreen Control allows you to comfortably and effectively use a wide area screen. Basic settings such as brightness and contrast and gaming mode settings can be operated on Windows.
In addition, it is equipped with functions that allow you to use the screen comfortably, such as My Application Preset that automatically applies the optimal picture mode for each software, and Screen Split that automatically splits the windows displayed on the screen. ..

* OnScreen Control can be downloaded from here .
* The specifications of OnScreen Control are subject to change without notice.
※The image is an image

Clearer, smoother images with AMD FreeSync ™

AMD FreeSync ™ technology

Reduces screen misalignment and display delay

Controls video flicker (tearing) and stuttering (stuttering) by synchronizing the content frame rate and monitor refresh rate between a graphics card with an APU or GPU supporting AMD's FreeSync ™ technology and the LCD monitor. can do.

Dynamic action synchronization (DAS)

DAS (Dynamic Action Sync) mode

Display video in more real time

Originally, the process of image processing and frame buffer (memory inside the monitor), which is performed until the monitor outputs the image data of the PC to the screen, is omitted and it is output directly to the screen. The lag that occurs before outputting to the screen is minimized, and more real-time display is realized.

Black stabilizer

Black stabilizer

Improved visibility in dark scenes

It recognizes the dark and difficult to see parts of the image and makes them appear bright. You can easily distinguish the enemy hidden in the dark place, you can develop the game in an advantageous manner. The brightness level can be adjusted according to the taste of the user.


Screen in best position

The ergonomic stand allows height adjustment (110 mm) and tilt angle adjustment (-5 to 15 °) so you can see the screen in the best position.


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