Tản nhiệt nước Enermax LIQTECH TR4 II 360 RGB

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100% sTRX4 / TR4 IHS Coverage
‧Exclusive for AMD Threadripper Platform
‧Support 500W+ TDP
‧Patented Shunt Channel Technology
‧Ultra-premium Water Block Featuring Addressable RGB Lighting

ENERMAX LIQTECH TR4 II series is especially engineered for AMD Threadripper, featuring patented Shunt Channel Technology (SCT), high pressure PWM fans and high-efficiency ceramic nano PI bearing pump to provide superior cooling performance up to 500W+ TDP. Moreover, the RGB water block supports the latest addressable RGB (5V/D/G) lighting synchronization with motherboard. The included user-friendly RGB controller is also easier for users to customize the lighting speed, effect and brightness.

LIQTECH TR4 II lineup is undoubtedly an exceptional cooling solution for high-end overclocked CPUS.

AMD Socket sTRX4 / TR4 Ready!
 Quick & user-friendly mounting system for top-end AMD Threadripper CPUs (sTRX4 / TR4)  
100% sTRX4 / TR4 IHS Coverage
 Tailored to 100% cover AMD Threadripper’s integrated heat spreader (IHS) for uncompromised cooling performance
 Central Coolant Inlet (CCI) design and patented Sunt-Channel Technology (SCT)
  Central Coolant Inlet (CCI) structure, combined with the Shunt-Channel Technology (SCT) on the cold plate, it is able to inject the coolant at the hottest spot to prevent heat surges and shorten the coolant flow path, resulting in faster heat transfer
EF1 Pump Design
 Robust pump with precision engineering delivers extremely high flow rate up to 450 L/h for superior cooling performance
 Ultra-premium Water Block Featuring Addressable RGB Lighting
  Unique RGB water block provides synchronizable RGB lighting via the latest addressable RGB header of motherboards for vivid rainbow lighting effects
Innovative High Pressure Blades
 Hi-pressure blade design enhances the cooling performance
 Anti-vibration rubber pads provide noiseless stable operation
 2 ways to control RGB lighting effects 
Through Motherboard Software 
Users can sync the RGB lighting with motherboards featuring addressable RGB headers
(pin assignment: 5V/D/-/G)
Addressable RGB lighting synchronization
  Through ENERMAX RGB Control Box
   Users can use the included control box to adjust preferred lighting effects (10 pre-set effects) brightness and speed
Premium 400mm weaved tubing is perfect for mainstream system builds
Flexible polyamide (PA) rubber tubes ensure zero permeability

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